COST Action FA1406 (2015-2019)

Working Group 4: Technical tools

WG4: Technical tools

Developing technical tools to drive Tasks 1-3

Leader : Prof Christos Katsaros (EL) Vice-leader : Dr Rita Araujo (PT)


The currently available palette of techniques for the study and control of seaweed growth and reproduction will be increased. First, standardized experimental designs to improve seaweed cultivation at lab- and pilot-scale will be established. Second, “-OMICS” approaches will be implemented to understand seaweed development, including systems-level data analysis. Genetic and epigenetic signatures of seaweed development will be linked to environmental conditions. Third, inspired by molecular biology advances in land plants, reverse genetic and transformation protocols will be developed in seaweeds. This Task will identify genetically tractable seaweeds and cell types (e.g. germ cells), using the skills that the COST partners have in producing transgenic green or brown seaweeds. Finally, cell biology (state-of-the- art imaging, in situ localisation, reporter transgenics) will complement “-omics” and genetics to define spatio-temporal molecular expression patterns during the different steps of seaweed development. Investment in the conservation techniques enabling long-term maintenance of a specific developmental stage will also have to be developed.

Final report

Slides presented at the final meeting, 13 March 2019, Brussels