COST Action FA1406 (2015-2019)


Workshop N°4

Macroalgae imaging and cell biology techniques

Station Biologique, Roscoff, France, 12-13 Nov 2018

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Workshop N°3

Macroalgae-bacteria interactions promoting 
algal growth and development

University of Jena, Germany, 11-12 Sept 2017


The mean focus of the Workshop is on the cross-kingdom interactions between macroalgae and bacteria.

The two-days multi national workshop is limited to 50 participants and will cover various aspects of macroalgae-bacteria interactions including chemical ecology, evolutionary ecology, symbiosis and analytical tools.


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Workshop N°2


Black Forest, Germany, 13-16 Sept 2016

Phycomoph organises jointly with the "Black Forest Summer School" a Bioinformatics workshop in Sep2016

Black Forest Summer School 2016

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Workshop N°1

Macroalgal Cultivation

Kavala, Greece, 15-19 February 2016

Seaweed mariculture is often considered as the most environmentally friendly form of aquaculture: it requires little or no input of fertilisers, does not cause any major physical alterations of the environment, and can be used to mediate eutrophication and pollution. Seaweed cultivation, a basement for seaweed aquaculture, needs to be further improved and major bottlenecks to be solved, especially those related to the control of the life cycle and of the developmental steps.

The workshop will focus on both cultivated seaweeds and models for basic research in developmental phycology.



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